The “by birth” or “your choice” argument over anything other than being heterosexual has been argued back and forth for a while. But, before I go any further with this I’ll tell you this will anger and offend people on both sides of the debate. To be honest I fully expect at least one social media platform to remove this post, if not this platform itself.

The LGBTQ…. community and it’s supporters make the claim that an individuals sexuality is determined by birth. They say the person did not choose to be “gay”, but they were just born that way. The same is said of all 70+ gender identifiers, they are born that way, it’s not a choice the person made. This argument doesn’t hold water when they come out later and say a person can, and will, change their mind about what they are. Even to the point that they may decide they are heterosexual after all, but it’s hateful and discriminatory to help them through counseling to fully embrace this new decision. That line of reasoning tells me it’s a choice. For whatever reason the individual decided to embrace that.

Now, on the other hand I do believe they are born into it. This is where I seriously anger and offend the orthodox Christian and the LGBTQ community all at the same time. I firmly believe you can be born into being “gay”, bisexual, etc… How can someone be born into this when the Bible clearly says other wise? It’s really a very easy explanation and not hard to grasp if you know scripture.

In the NLT of the Bible there are 14 references to a “sin nature” in Romans that is in all of us. This nature is a natural tendency to do things that are not of God. In evangelical language we call those actions sin. These can be anything that is against what is in scripture. Some examples are lying gossiping, gluttony, withholding tithes and offerings, theft, any sex outside of marriage between a man & a woman and the list is long. Each person has a tendency, or bent to, a particular sin. For some it’s anger, others it’s porn, it may be homosexuality, lust, placing idols before God, etc… We were born with these tendencies, we didn’t have to learn them, they came natural to us. For those in the LGBTQ ( etc.. ) life, they were chosen by birth due to a sin nature that we all share. It’s not in our physical DNA, but in our dead spiritual DNA.

Even though I say they were chosen by birth that doesn’t give permission to defy God’s law by willfully choosing to act on those desires. We all have the knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil. It’s innate in us to sense when something is wrong. It’s that guilty feeling or feeling of shame when we are doing something we know flies in the face of our creator. Perhaps this is what is driving the push to force normalization on society.

Someone who has an addictive personality has the choice to either be an addict or live in holiness through the power of the Holy Spirit and refrain from giving into the flesh’s ( the body ) desires. The same with a lustful person. They have the choice to refrain from acting on those impulses through the power of the Holy Spirit or to use the ” that’s just the way I am ” crutch to justify the behavior.  The same for the individual who embraces one of the 70+ gender identifiers and the actions that go with that. They have the choice to embrace holiness through the power of the Holy Spirit or follow emotions and popular teaching of the day and give into the bodies desires.

This spiritual battle in the person that pulls them between a natural tendency of the flesh and the nature of Christ is lost on those who do not know Christ and those who are false teachers. You have one camp that says God loves you the way you are. They are right, but also wrong. He does love them. So much so that Jesus voluntarily came and died a violent, degrading, gruesome death to make another way for you, not so you can keep doing what you want to do.

The other camp says if your gay your burning in hell. The more extreme say you deserve it, you are getting what you deserve. To be truthful we all deserve it, not just the homosexual, not just the drunk, all of us. That’s the beauty in God’s grace. He made it possible for us to not suffer a deserving fate. That being said, constant harping on the “your going to hell and deserve it” platform is counter productive and shows no understanding of human nature. Any fool knows when you tell someone they can’t do it they will just to show you they can. Your anger and shouts are driving them further into the life that we want to see them leave. Chill out and read the book of John. Learn a little about grace and love. Jesus embraced the sinners, loved them, told them the truth and didn’t judge them. The judging a person comes later, we aren’t there yet.

Ostracising them is not the answer. Letting them serve openly in the church is not the answer either. The Bible is all about moderation and balance. There is a balance on how to deal with this issue. Paul gave us clear instruction on how to handle a member of the body who continues to knowingly live in sin, unrepentant and unwilling to change. There are clear steps to take before removing them. In order to do that we must be certain the person is a professed follower of Jesus.

What we have to keep in mind is when Paul said ” you were these things ” ( 1 Corinthians 6:9-11), he was not saying the desire for these things would just disappear immediately. When he said “were” he meant that now you are a new creature in Christ, the blood of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit covers that and empowers you to not give into that anymore. It also means God no longer sees those past sins. They are covered in a cloak of righteousness and cleansed by the blood of Jesus so you don’t have to pay the penalty.

How many people thought they were saved when they left church, struggled with sinful desires, someone told them to read this passage and said you aren’t that anymore, but because they still struggled with that desire they think they really aren’t saved. Maybe they think they are unworthy to come to church or approach the throne because they struggle with these desires. Remember that the desire is a temptation. That is not a sin. Jesus was tempted, but used scripture to rebuke Satan. In not giving into temptation and taking part in the sin He remained without sin. It’s the action of taking part in the thing you were tempted with that is sin.

What’s interesting is the bible speaks far more on sins like false gods, idols, gluttony and adultery than it does homosexuality. He didn’t elevate that sin above the others. The consequences are more sever as sexual sin is a sin against your own body ( 1 Corinthians 6:18 ). Lets keep that in mind the next time we are inclined to rant about anything related to LGBTQ. The only sin that is elevated in severity is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit ( Mark 12:31 )

So there you have it. A person can be born into it by virtue of their sin nature and they made a conscious decision to embrace it and act on it. We don’t need to shun and ostracize them, but pray and show them mercy and grace. We are not the Holy Spirit. There is only one and He uses us, not to condemn and bring guilt, but to speak truth and be salt and light.


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