You all survived Christmas. Some of you, like us, will celebrate Christmas today. We all have an eye to the new year that is just a few days away. The looming question everyone asks is, what are your New Years Resolutions? Often people are put on the spot with no clear resolution and make one up on the fly. Once it’s out the mouth, it’s in the head and in some weird way it becomes a defacto resolution that we will most likely break.

That’s the thing with resolutions, we set our selves up for failure when making them. We start with something like getting out of debt this year, I want to be my high school graduation weight or pre-baby weight, I want to finish a degree, I want to break the 350 LBS mark on the bench press, I want to run a marathon and the list goes on and on in regards to resolutions. We don’t prepare ourselves to succeed, we don’t lay out a game plan on how we’ll do it. We just try and fail, then feel bad about ourselves.

Some of our resolutions are unrealistic, but sound good. It sounds great to say I want to be out of debt this year. If your $200,000 in debt and make $50,000 a year it won’t happen. Loosing weight sounds great, but if your 250 LBS and want to get down to 120 LBS you’ll most likely fail without a well placed plan. These are great ideas and should be pursued. If these are your resolutions, don’t give up, just lay a realistic plan that is achievable.

Maybe you want to read the whole Bible this year. That’s great, pick a reading plan and stick to it. If you commit to a plan it’s easier to keep your focus day after day instead of picking the book up and after a week your still in Genesis, get discouraged and don’t complete it. There are numerous plans on line and with apps like YouVersion. Maybe you want to read a number of books but get overwhelmed by the number of pages. Set a plan to read a certain number of pages a day. If you want to read a 300 page book a month read 10 pages a day and you’ll have a spare day. 10 pages really isn’t that much and before you know it the book is done.

Many make resolutions that someone else made. They are comparing their self to someone else. You are actually encouraging yourself to be someone you are not. You will never find fulfillment, success or peace trying to make accomplishments, meeting goals and fulfilling resolutions based off of someone else. They have a different purpose, different calling, different means and opportunities and different talents and gifts.

The way to be successful is to know your talents and gifts. Make your first resolution to honestly identify your talents and gifts. Once you’ve identified those determine how those fit into your current career. Maybe they don’t fit at all and you can set the course to make changes to better fit them. Making that transition may require setting a couple year plan on how to get out of debt.

Another way to be successful is to not compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself today to yourself yesterday. Are you a better person? Have you grown in any area? Have you grown spiritually? Have you added another day to your sobriety? Did you come another day closer to being out of debt? Did you get one day closer to breaking the bad eating habits? Often times the day-to-day successes are much easier to manage, cope with and ultimately lead to the year and multiple years of success. Don’t get lost in the long-term goal. Set the long term goal and focus on the short-term goals that will get you to the long term goal.

I wish you the best of luck in the new year with what ever resolution you make.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and much success in 2018.


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